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Have you ever tried a water flosser to clean your teeth instead of traditional floss? Do you know what a water flosser can do for your oral health? Although they are a lesser known cleaning tool compared to their much older and accepted counterpart, traditional floss, water flossers have been gaining popularity and are rushing ahead with an oral health care resurgence.

A water flosser is an interdental tool that uses a steady stream of water to wash away harmful bacteria and acids from your teeth and gums in your smile. With water flossers, you can improve your oral health and the overall health of your smile. Not all water flossers are created equal, so it is vital to look for products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association. You can also talk to your dentist for product recommendations.

There are many dental treatments and procedures that can benefit from water flossers compared to traditional dental floss. This includes services that can easily be damaged, knocked loose, or inaccessible from dental floss, which includes dental bridges, dentures, crowns, and traditional braces.

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