Fillings are used to restore teeth affected by minor damage or decay. If the tooth damage is not extensive enough to warrant the use of a dental crown, our experienced dentist may recommend a filling. There are two main types of dental fillings:


  • Composite fillings: Created from composite resin, composite fillings are tooth colored and are designed to blend in with the appearance of your natural teeth. Also referred to as tooth-colored or white fillings, composite fillings are considered a good choice for a long-lasting, aesthetic dental restoration.
  • Amalgam fillings: Created using metal amalgam, amalgam fillings are also known as silver or metal fillings. Amalgam fillings are silver in color and have been used for dental restorations for over one hundred years.

Dr. Baaqee may recommend a dental filling to repair a cavity or restore damage. In Ocoee, Florida, fillings can be completed in just one visit to Classic Smiles. Our dentist will first remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth, then clean the tooth. She will then fill in the tooth with the chosen filling material. Finally, Dr. Baaqee will shape and polish the filling to fit your bite. We invite you to contact us soon to learn more about how dental fillings can restore your oral health.