Routine dental cleanings and exams are essential to maintaining good oral health. We encourage you to visit us at Classic Smiles every six months for a regular cleaning and check-up. Our gentle dental team will carefully clean your teeth, removing any plaque or tartar that was missed during your normal brushing and flossing. We will also check for signs of dental problems, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. If needed, we will provide dental services to treat these conditions.

Dental sealants also help to keep your smile healthy. Sealants are thin resin coatings that are applied to the surface of the molars (back teeth) to protect them from tooth decay. Our talented dentist, Dr. Baaqee, may recommend dental sealants in order to block out bacteria and food particles that contribute to decay, as well as to create a smooth surface on the tooth that is easier to keep clean.

Fluoride treatment can also protect your oral health. A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride helps to remineralize the tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. We welcome you to contact our dental office today to learn more about the benefits of fluoride treatment and dental hygiene in Ocoee, Florida. We love to care for your smile!