In addition standard dental implants, we also offer mini dental implants in Ocoee, Florida. Mini dental implants essentially serve the same purpose as standard dental implants: they are used to replace one or more missing teeth. As their name suggests, mini dental implants are simply smaller than standard implants.

Mini implants hold several advantages, including:

  • Mini dental implants may be a good option for patients who do not have sufficient bone mass and structure for conventional dental implants.
  • The process for placing mini dental implants is typically shorter and less invasive than that for standard dental implants. Most mini dental implant placements can be completed in just 1-2 hours, and the process is almost painless; with local anesthetic, you can be certain that your treatment will be comfortable and pleasant.
  • Because the placement process for mini dental implants is less invasive, most patients are able to eat only a few hours after surgery, and the healing period is significantly shorter.

Dr. Baaqee, our skilled dentist, is often able to place the dental implant restoration right away, so you do not have to spend further time without teeth. To learn more about the benefits of mini dental implants, we welcome you to contact Classic Smiles soon. We look forwarding to restoring your smile!