A Patient Approach Is Needed to Remove Food Stuck Between Your Teeth

It’s a relatively common experience to bite into a tough piece of food and have a fragment or fiber get stuck between your teeth. This is more common with foods like hard nuts, fruit peels, beef jerky and other tough cuts of meat. Most of the time a little tongue play, or a swish of… Read more »

Improve Your Brushing Routine by Brushing Up on the Basics

Because we brush our teeth so often, the task likely becomes mindless, which can result in an improper brushing technique. This is why it’s important to brush up on the brushing basics so you can remind yourself how to properly brush. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. , has some tips for you…. Read more »

Dental Implants: The Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Dental implants are strong restorations that can restore your smile and boost your oral health. They can help you in many ways. In fact, they can help you in more ways than you might realize. Now, a dental implant restoration is a little more complex than other restorations, which might lead to some dental implant… Read more »

A Minor Dental Fracture on a Premolar Might Be Repairable with a Dental Filling

Each of your premolars plays an important role in the overall function of your mouth. They reside between your front teeth and aid in biting off tough foods. Yet they also work in tandem with the molars in the back of your mouth to help chew and grind. If you have a bad habit of… Read more »

Oral Hygiene Topic: Water Flossing

Have you ever tried a water flosser to clean your teeth instead of traditional floss? Do you know what a water flosser can do for your oral health? Although they are a lesser known cleaning tool compared to their much older and accepted counterpart, traditional floss, water flossers have been gaining popularity and are rushing… Read more »

The Wonderful Information on Invisalign®

Are you anxious to give your smile the right alignment? If so, we have exciting news for you! Invisalign® is a wonderful way to align your teeth discreetly, especially in today’s professional world. That is why, our team here at in , , is happy to give you some insight on Invisalign. Invisalign works through… Read more »

A Damaged Bridge Might Require Extraction Before It Can Be Replaced by a Bridge

Complications from gum disease, poor oral hygiene and oral trauma can potentially damage the abutment core that anchors a crown in your mouth. Should this rare occurrence befall you, it’s important that you seek treatment at ’s , , clinic as soon as possible. It might be possible for our dentists to apply an endodontic… Read more »

Common Questions About Root Canal Therapy

Are any of your teeth damaged and in need of a root canal? Although root canals are serious, they tend to be more common than they should be. Always remember to practice safe and effective oral health care habits to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Listed below are some common questions about root canal… Read more »

Do You Have a Black Tooth? We Can Help!

You probably understand that your teeth could turn yellow if you don’t take care of them properly. Conversely, did you know that your pearly whites might also turn black, especially if you have some kind of injury? Still, while you may be aware that teeth whitening can help with yellow teeth, do you know what… Read more »

Denture Adhesive Has Multiple Benefits for People with Removable Dental Appliances

When dentures are fitted by Drs. Baaqee and Baaqee, they are designed to fit tightly in place. However, many people with removable dental appliances like to apply a little denture adhesive for the extra hold it provides and the ability to block out stray food material. If particles work their way into the base of… Read more »