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Each of your premolars plays an important role in the overall function of your mouth. They reside between your front teeth and aid in biting off tough foods. Yet they also work in tandem with the molars in the back of your mouth to help chew and grind.

If you have a bad habit of using your teeth as tools, or you frequently crunch down on ice, it could cause a chip or minor dental fracture on one of your premolars. This can easily cause discomfort, heightened sensitivity, and limit the function of your mouth. Even if you don’t experience any distress in the damaged tooth, the compromised tooth enamel could eventually come to foster a cavity.

If the damaged area of tooth enamel is small, Dr. Susanne Baaqee might be able to repair the chipped premolar with an amalgam filling. This is a special blend of inert dental metals that are known for their durability. Since it is dark in color amalgam might not be a good choice to repair an area that will appear in your smile.  

In a situation like this, Dr. Susanne Baaqee might recommend repairing the chipped premolar with a composite resin dental filling. This is a special form of dental plastic that can be shaded to mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel.

Once the filling has been cured with a special ultraviolet light your newly repaired premolar will serve you for many years to come.

If you live in the Ocoee, Florida, area and you have a chip or small fracture on a premolar you should call 407-293-3002 to have it examined and repaired at Classic Smiles.